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Tips on how to enjoy the Christmas Carnage

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Tip 1, Children can become overstimulated by Christmas fun so sometimes, they just need time to be calm/cuddle. Early naps and early bedtimes are likely to be needed for little ones around this time.

Tip2 remember, just because you’ve made something special they don’t understand what effort has gone into creating that special memory.

So if they don't behave as you have expected, don't be offended.

Tip 3  don’t overdo it, all your children really wanted to do is spend time with you. No need to over spend or over stimulate. Just be together and have fun.

An extra Brucie bonus ...

Tip 4 Quickly get back into routine in January. It will take a week or two but they will quickly adjust back to normality, if you are consistent. Avoid making plans around this time, as readjusting to not having chocolate or gifts daily,

can cause emotional outbursts.


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