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The hot weather guide

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

☀️A cool bath, Baby will be hot and sweaty from the day. Sweating is nature’ way of trying to cool down.

☀️A fan, This will keep the air moving through the room and create a nice breeze. Bottles of frozen water in front of the fan will help to cool the room down quicker. Fans can also make brilliant white noise.

☀️Keeping the curtains or blind shut during the day helps keep the room cooler.

☀️Open the windows a few hours before bed or nap time to ventilate the room.

☀️Put little ones in temperature appropriate bed clothes, which could just be a nappy and 0.5 tog gro bag.

☀️If the the temperature changes in the night don’t be afraid to change their layers. Try and do it as fuss free and in as much darkness as possible.

☀️If checking how hot they feel check chest or back because arms and legs are usually cooler.

☀️For day time napping there are special safe black outs you can put over pushchairs. Please don’t use a blanket it’s not safe and aim to place the push aire in a shaded location.

☀️Protect children in the sunshine with good quality sun cream, hats and plenty of water. Sun stroke can make them feel quite poorly.

☀️If little one wakes and you suspect that it’s is because they are hot in the night then put a cool damp flannel or cold gel compress on their wrists to help bring their temperature down and settle them in their normal way.

☀️Loose fitting clothing also helps so maybe pop them in the next size up.

☀️Lay them on a safe place and Stroke or pat to sooth them. As cuddling too much may make them hotter.

☀️Breast feeding mummies, make sure you drink plenty of water to support your milk supply and keep you both hydrated.

☀️Don’t forget if it’s super hot it might be a good idea to camp out downstairs for a few nights as heat rises.

☀️If little one is uncomfortably hot in the day, water play, wet ice play or a drive in a well ventilated or air conditioned car can sometimes help.

☀️Always check the Lullaby Trust for sleep safe guidance

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