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The benefits of sleep

Updated: May 24, 2023

Cognitive health

Sleep is important to help memory consolidation. This only happens in deep restorative sleep.

Emotional health

Sleep helps you to be able to manage your emotions in every day life and supports self-regulation.

Physical health

During sleep, cell division occurs and your body replenishes cells. Growth hormones are secreted. When you feel exhausted from a lack of sleep, little ones often feel the same.


During sleep and the memory consolidation, children are learning and remembering words that they have seen and heard that day.

Mental health

Sleep is a brain detox of built-up, unwanted chemicals, which will support the ability for positive mental health.


Day time parenting can be so much more effective and energetic when children and parents are getting a healthy amount of sleep, which creates a strong bond. Parents’ relationships can be strained when one of the parents or both parents are so heavily dependent on sleep times. Especially if this is all night and the parents are tired. Parents need a good healthy bit of adult time and “me” time too.

Having little ones in their beds at a sensible time and being able to do the things that make you happy is a recipe for a happy day.

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