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Preparing to ditch the dummy!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Firstly i feel it’s important to remember that a child with a dummy is used to having it as a comforter, when suits them and therefor has become an expectation.

With an expection it takes time and encouragement to adjust.

They don’t understand your rationale of taking it away. They don’t understand the importance or the benefits to removing the dummy.

It’s not easy

Preparing to drop the dummy

  • Plan to start at a time that little one can catch up on any missing sleep to avoid Over-tiredness. 🤩

  • Ideally when you don’t have any plans that can apply stress/pressure. Incase you have a few nights of adjustment. So no big work deadlines or pressures. No Relatives coming to stay or going on holiday.

  • Encourage that little one only has the Dummy for sleep times and leaves it in their sleep space. Leading up until the day you stop. If this is a challenge you could take a toy in with you to distract them and you pop the dummy in the cot.

  • Chat about it being yukky. 👶🏼 screw your face up. “This hides your beautiful face”

  • Story books about ditching the dummy. 📚These help to teacher them that it will be ok without dummy.

  • Introduce a comforter so when they do ask for the dummy you don’t have to say no (at risk of getting into a power battle) you can say “you can have this for a cuddle” or “let’s play ….”

  • Find them all and throw them all away on the day you choose.

  • Choose how you remove it maybe a fairy or Father Christmas for older children. Or basic language for little ones “bye bye dummy soon” for a good few days before so you can talk about it lots. Tell friends and family.

  • Think positively these children are capable they just need you to cheer them on.

You have got this!

Get in touch to work together in my Dummy dropping package.

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