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Positive language

Updated: May 24, 2023

Don’t push - be gentle, excuse me. Practise soft stroking with teddies.


Don’t run - Nice slow feet 


Don’t run in the road - the road is here let’s be safe. 


Be quite - let’s whisper so we don’t wake the baby …..


“Come here we have to go.” - Let’s get to ….. it will be fun. 


“Bed time” - lets go and find blanket for a cuddle. 


“You need to sit in the car seat nicely” Little one wriggling around not getting into the car seat. “Shall we listen for the click?” 


“You have to get in the push chair” lucky boy you get to sit in the push chair would you like to hold this…. Leaf whatever you can give them. 


It’s hard to remember all the time but if you pre think about some Scenarios it makes it easier to remember in the moment. 


Scenarios -










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