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How Jiggy Wrigglers supports Sleep development

Exploring sleep-related elements in children's experience at Jiggy Wrigglers.

These can significantly contribute to the efficacy of sleep training and of course their overall well being.

Here is how Jiggy Natalie and Emma do that in some of thier activities -

"Waking up Puppet" routine, where the puppet returns to rest, normalizes the importance of sleep and its positive effects on the body.

Physical engagement serves to activate muscle growth and strength. Giving them the exercise they need while you can rest your weary legs.

Counting in various aspects of organized fun, exposing them to mathematical language.

Counting to cause effect to Natalies wonderful cloak encourages them to use the language.

Games like hiding and finding toys instill the concept that items can reappear after disappearing, fostering a sense of continuity and predictability.

"Sleeping Dragons" provides a platform for children to practice the skill of pretending to fall asleep without the actual pressure of immediate sleep onset.

The "Stand Up Sit Down” Song not only engages children in physical actions but also aids in familiarizing them with movements they might encounter in their cot, fostering comfort with that movement in repetition.

Introducing body parts to babies contributes to their sense of self-awareness, a valuable foundation for later understanding and skill to label any aches and pains. Exposure to these words and labels multiple times is essential for the child to make meaningful connections independently.

Finally, incorporating bubbles into activities offers a sensory experience that simultaneously strengthens visual perception and provides a calming effect on children.

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