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Autumn Clock change

As October has arrived, daylight saving time brings adjustments to our daily routines.

Sunday 29th Oct 1am will become 12am.

To help your child smoothly transition, we offer three methods tailored to different preferences:

All at once Circadian Reset:

They go to bed an hour later on Sunday.

Embrace a swift shift. Adjust bedtime and waking hours at once to align with the natural circadian rhythm. Consistency is key for a seamless transition.

Half-Hour Increment Preparation:

Ease into the time change by shifting bedtime and morning routines. Gradual adjustments provide a gentle transition. Put little one to bed, 30 mins later than usual on Saturday night. Then the hour will only be a little different from the day before.

Fifteen-Minute Increment Transition:

Opt for a more gradual approach with 15-minute adjustments daily. This method allows for a subtle adaptation, minimizing disruption. Put little one to bed 15 mins later every few days - Wednesday 7.15pm

Thursday 7.30pm

Friday 7.45pm

Saturday 8pm

Sunday 7pm will be the old 8pm

Choose the method that aligns best with your family's dynamics and preferences. Consistency and patience will ensure a smooth transition.

With all of these, do keep an eye out for over tiredness!

Do you know what your child’s sleepy signs are?!

Wishing you restful nights and cheerful mornings.

Kind regards,

Kirsty 💫

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