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Supporting busy parents to feel more energised and have a thriving family life. 



Certified Sleep Consultant

As a certified Sleep Consultant, I've dedicated my career to helping families like yours achieve their happiness. 


Here's a glimpse into my background:

I have a diverse history, from being a Children’s entertainer and Nursery Nurse to working as a Nanny and Childminder. Throughout it all, my passion has been children's happiness, security, and development.


In 2015, I became a Mummy to our lovely Emily after trying for two years waiting. While she was initially a great sleeper, things changed at age three. I sought help from health professionals, including a dermatologist, and Emily was prescribed a sedative. Recognizing the need for better solutions, I began a journey to understand sleep better.


In 2020, we welcomed our baby boy William after three years of waiting again. This was a challenging time with Emily struggling to sleep, and I was dealing with the loss of my Dad. 


At my breaking point, I realized the importance of quality sleep for my family's well-being. My passion for children's development and the power of restful sleep led me to become a Sleep Consultant. I'm here to offer compassionate support on your unique journey toward better sleep for your family.


Book a consultation, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you, as soon as possible.


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